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SuperLite II Photo Gallery
Here is a collection of pictures from a SuperLite II that I built for the Build Manual.  These should provide enough information to assist you until I can get the Build Manual complete.

SuperLite PCB Photo Gallery

Here is a collection of amplifier builds using the SuperLite PCB.

This is the last version of the prototypes.  This is version 1.0 of the board.  Initially, the chassis was cut out for a Super6V6 board.  It used 6V6 power tubes instead of the El84s.  The 6V6s have an octal base that requires a larger hole diameter.  I didn't want to drill a new chassis just for a development project so I used this one.

Here's the real deal.  This is MY amp!  I documented this build for the SuperLite PCB Scratch Build Manual.  I added the acrylic window on the front and BNP Lasers faceplates as the finishing touch.  I'll add a gold mesh grill to the back panel when I get around to it.  For now, it's nice to be able to reach in and grab a tube.

I also converted a Valve Junior into an 18 watt SuperLite.