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The "Baby Will"

The Baby Will is a PCB simplified version of the legendary Marshall 18 Watt 1974x circuit.  The circuit we laid out on a circuit board is known as the LiteIIb.  It's capable of tone from clean jazz, crunchy blues, to raunchy classic rock.  Crank up the volume and you'll be in AC/DC Back In Black heaven.

The magic of the LiteIIb is its simplicity.  With only a volume and tone controls, you won't spend the night fiddling with the amp when all you want to do is shred all the new licks this amp inspires.

Learn more about the Marshall 18 Watt LiteIIb circuit at

We named this board the "Baby Will" as a tribute to our grandson, William.  William was born in September of 2008.  Although, he has no idea what we've done, we hope our efforts will leave a mark in the annals of history.

Versions 1.1 and 1.3 of this board sold out and we are now ready to release version 2.3.  Version 2.3 is the same circuit, but it includes an additional filter stage in the power supply, better heater trace layout, and better component selection, which makes for a great sounding amp with a very clean noise floor.

We're in the process of updating all of the
impacted documents, but the changes shouldn't throw you off too much.  They're pretty obvious.

The quality of these boards is superb.  With the construction features listed below, this board will take plenty of abuse and is sure to stand the test of time.
  • 1/8" thick board material instead of the usual 1/16",
  • double sided copper layers,
  • 2 oz. copper layers,
  • full board ground plane,
  • plated through holes,
  • ventilated socket mounts, and
  • detailed artwork indicating component number and value.
The boards have a green solder mask with white silkscreen layer for the component labeling and artwork.

Here's a pic of the new board.

Simple and Affordable

The Baby Will was developed under the fundamental principles of Simplicity and Affordability.

The simplicity of the LiteIIb circuit and the affordability of a PCB package.
It's a PCB!  Can we make it any simpler?  Yes we can.

We provide everything you will need for a Baby Will Valve Junior Conversion or a Baby Will Scratch Build.  And you can download it all with a click of the mouse.

We've even made buying the parts simple.  The Parts List itemizes everything you are going to need.

We partnered with Antique Electronic Supplies (AES) to create a parts pack for the Valve Junior and Scratch build options.  The part numbers are P-18W and P-EVJ.

AES even offered a 10% discount on the parts packs.
The Build Manual guides you through your project with step-by-step instructions and over 80 pictures and illustrations.
Purchase the Baby Will

The 18 Watt LiteIIb "Baby Will" PCB sells for $30 (U.S.) plus shipping and handling.

Bulk quantities are available at reduced rates.